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Bâtonnets de cannelle

Thierry arfi

Thierry Arfi Since 1983 in the field of catering and the hotel business, the catering house created by Thierry Arfi. At the beginning in Paris (France) then in Montreal (Canada) and now in Israel shows not only a passionate character in the catering trade but also a fierce enthusiasm in offering his customers gourmet cuisine, professional French service all in respecting highly supervised kosher laws. Thierry Arfi 's mission is to offer gourmet cuisine, top - of - the - range French service with a purely Le mehadrine kasheroute.

It is with meticulousness that Traiteur Thierry Arfi prepares each of his dishes. Thus, experience bites of finesse and originality, meats meticulously chosen then aged or smoked to perfection and desserts with delicate scents inspired by French and oriental pastry. Traiteur Thierry Arfi can also design, on request, a menu that will perfectly match the theme of your event.

The members of our professional staff have the same requirement whether for 10 or 1000 guests. all our services are léméhadrin and are prepared with love by craftsmanship with the same attention. Demanding, Thierry Arfi is not only for gastronomy: tailor-made service, tableware, decoration, are all know-how mastered in in the service of the exception.Thierry Arfi, for a successful reception.

Our team, which has been working in Israel since 2015, has since developed a strong sensitivity for creativity and management, two essential elements for efficient event planning. it quickly became a real asset for our achievements. His perpetual passion exceeds all expectations and has enabled him to finalize our biggest projects.

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