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Your wedding

We know this is the happiest day of your life. This is why our team offers personalized gourmet menus!




1. Catering

Choose the best for your wedding with our turnkey dinner packages or cocktail parties!

2. Room

We are partners with many venues in Israel and we can advise you as much as possible according to your expectations and your budget.

3. Suppliers

Thanks to our dedicated internal team, we have developed solid relationships and we will offer you our suppliers of flowers, dishes, furniture ...

4. Enjoy!

More than a simple caterer, we are able to manage the entire event if you wish: all you have to do is enjoy the best day of your life with your guests!

                              AND ALSO YOUR SPECIAL EVENTS

We not only offer catering services for wedding events but also for a host of other occasions. we had the pleasure of organizing every kind of special event imaginable: engagement parties, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, henna ceremonies, birthday celebrations and many more. Since 2015 in business in Israel, we aspire to provide a unique and unforgettable experience, from start to finish. For us, catering is more than just a meal; it is creating a relationship with our customers, understanding their personal tastes and providing a complete experience for them and their guests. Take advantage of our services for family meals, important events. Find out what we have to offer.




We know that you hesitate between promote your budget or your high expectations. If you need a chic touch for a meeting, you've come to the right place. Let us help you wow your clients, potential clients or your team with a meal they won't soon forget. We will organize a meal, dinner or event that will delight your guests, at a price that will delight you just as much.

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